YouTube Ads: Spent $10 & Earned $137 in Commissions

YouTube Ads Tool: – Here’s how I was able to make numberous sales in just 2 days while only spending $10 in ads. There’s a lot I still have to learn, but using YouTube ads and Vlueo together looks like a super match.

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Vlueo allows you to quickly search and locate monetized videos by keyword, likes, dislikes, views, comments, plus more advanced criteria. You will instantly see the level of monetization on every video…whether it has pre-roll ads or overlay ads. (or if the video is monetised at all)

You can click on a thumbnail to preview videos and video ads instantly. If you want to place ad’s on any videos you can import the display ad’s and videos to your Google ads video campaign. You can Export lists to CSV/XLS files to view outside the software… Save search criteria for frequent use… and save your results to unlimited lists.

Vlueo allows you to quickly find and locate YouTube creators to help promote and sell your products for you.
You can search for them by keyword and advanced parameters to narrow your search for who is the right fit for you. You can for instance, search for creators by views, or followers to see how popular they are. You can contact any relevant creators you find easily as Vlueo gives you social media links, emails, and website links for any potential influencers.

Again-you can export lists to CSV/XLS files and save to unlimited lists inside the software. Vlueo has a cutting edge built in 1st party tracking solution in its software.

This tracking system is incredibly accurate. If you’ve been using a 3rd party tracking solution like Google Analytics for any amount of time-you’ll know how unreliable it can be.

Secure Your Blog: Top Tips to Keep Your WordPress Blog Secure

Think it or not, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to keep your blog safe from the majority of hackers. It just includes you taking a couple of basic steps and a few safeguards to ensure that you don’t have problems in the future. Here are a few points you can do today.

How To Update Your WordPress Blog In One Click Even If The Upgrade Fails

Something that every person should do who has a WordPress blog is maintain it completely up to day. Keeping your WordPress blog site as much as date guarantees all plugins will continue functioning, you will have access to the most recent attributes and most significantly that your blog site is now secure from hackers and also burglars. Many people don’t understand exactly how to update their WordPress setup, however thankfully it’s extremely simple.

Preventative Steps to Avoid Getting Hacked

Easy steps you can take to keep your WordPress blog site from getting hacked. I wish you are not shedding way too much rest over the opportunity of your website and your blogs obtaining hacked, being taken over, being ruined or being altered. If you are fretted about this example, there are a few preventative actions you can and also must take today to make certain that your blog is protected.

Create And Use A Safe WordPress Login And Password

Here’s a quick question, if you have a WordPress blog as well as the username and password you make use of to gain entry into that blog site is Admin as well as Examination, are you at threat for your website being taken control of? The solution is yes. What is stated is you can have all protection procedures, all the fancy security plugins in place, however if your password is something that they can conveniently guess then you are leaving the door broad open.

How Hackers Usually Get Into WordPress (And How to Avoid Their Attacks)

If you’re fretted about individuals entering into your WordPress blog site, I want to allow you understand the methods they usually do it so you can conveniently secure against these attacks. The good news is computer hacking is absolutely nothing like you see in the films. They don’t connect in an elegant computer and run a number of numbers, generally the means individuals get involved in your internet site, right into your WordPress blog site is through some pretty easy and typical methods, such as an out-dated version of WordPress, out-dated plugins with vulnerabilities, and straightforward very easy to think usernames and also passwords.

How to Justify the Cost and Time of a WordPress Backup Plugin

I understand that I became aware of back-ups as well as back-up plugins for several years before actually utilizing them and also I regretted waiting as long as I did, because in the meantime I shed internet sites and I shed data. If I had simply run a backup every week I would not have had to fret about shed info. I would not have to bother with getting hacked, clicking a button, erasing files, deleting websites, removing content.

How Often Do You Need To Backup WordPress?

For a great deal of individuals backing something up is a tedious job, also if it only entails clicking one switch. Yet I presume you have to remember to log into your site, backup the entire site and download the file so actually exactly how usually do you require to be backing up your site? The easy solution to that is that you need to be supporting your website as typically as you upgrade it.

Why You Should Backup Your WordPress Blog

There are several reasons to backup your WordPress blog site and also make certain you always have a copy of it in case something fails. Your database may collapse, you might accidentally erase a few of your articles or data, and you could also need to roll back to an earlier variation of your WordPress blog. It’s an easy reality that computer systems stop working regularly.

How To Provide WordPress Backups As A Service To Others

Are you conscious that many people do not backup their sites? Are you additionally mindful that the majority of people do not understand that they should or even exactly how to backup a WordPress site, as well as you can actually charge a monthly fee to do this for them. If you have an offline customer which implies they run a neighborhood service and uncommitted about what occurs on their web site you might charge upwards of $50 a month as well as if you have an online customer you can charge them $10 a month or greater to make certain their blog is safe.

Use WordPress Cloning To Move Web Hosts, Sell A Business In A Box, Or Sell Your Entire Site

When you’re discussing cloning a site or backing it up or recovering it, it sounds kind of boring but it’s really a very exciting once you imagine the opportunities. You can relocate your site from one host to one more to make sure that a person’s business in a box or market your website for a quick buck. What does it indicate to move your website from one host to another?

Cloning Your WordPress Blog Saves You Lots And Lots Of Time

If you make use of a WordPress blog site, have you ever before thought concerning just how much time you place in to making every little thing look perfect? Establishing the discussion settings, changing the permalinks, establishing up all the SEO plugins, developing the web content, the categories, the navigation, locating that perfect theme – all the little seconds and also mins you spend making it all perfect actually builds up. Constantly you spend establishing that style, the plugins, the files, the tweaks to the specific files – that may be hrs if not weeks of trial and also error until you get it precisely …

Why Should You Clone WordPress Blogs On Your Own?

When you duplicate a WordPress blog site, it does precisely what it seems like. You’re duplicating whatever on your blog including the design, theme, plugins, material, remarks, article, sidebar, widgets – whatever. It’s all being replicated to a brand-new area.

What Makes Most WordPress Backups and Clones Fail?

If you are trying to backup your WordPress website as well as somehow it’s not functioning, there are a few things that can easily be failing. You may have too lots of large documents, you could not have adequate disk room or your webhost might be short on memory. It’s really to find out which of these issues is quiting you from supporting your website.

Backup And Clone WordPress Blogs For Ready-Made Content For Local Businesses and For Money Sites

When a person speak with you concerning backing up or duplicating a WordPress blog, I want you to get creative. I desire you to think of exactly how you can utilize it to conserve time and also make even more cash. When you are backing up as well as duplicating a WordPress blog site, you are duplicating not just the design, the style and the settings of that blog site however the material too.

Why It’s More Important Than Ever To Backup Your WordPress Database And Files

I really hope that you have become aware of the principle of supporting your files, your site or even your WordPress blog. It’s something that every person requires to do yet so few individuals do it. You require to backup your WordPress website because it’s much better risk-free than sorry, due to the fact that you could get hacked and because you may need some sort of an old documents and even to see exactly how your WordPress site used to look.

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