World Wide Webb Land Nft Metaverse Explained – The Metaverse Is Already Here [I FAILED!]

Let’s go inside World Wide Webb Land – an 8 bit metaverse where you can hangout as your favorite NFT, have pets, go to a bar, play games and also buy appartments.

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Worldwide Web Land is one of the few web3 metaverse projects that you can play as your NFT and create world similar to Sandbox. You can buy this new crypto Nfts on Opensea and than connect your Metamask wallet and play.

Right now you can as well earn tokens, enjoy the meta life and showcase your pfp to the world. This will become the next social hangout the same as Facebook became the go to hangout in Web 2.0 world.


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Later there will be $WEB token and you can create business inside the WorldWide Webb Land. I think its exciting times and eventhough this project is just few weeks old, it already got many followers and its a fun to be inside.

So on this video I will show you what is Worldwide Web Land and how to get started to play. SPOILER: I FAILED for the first time… so watch this video to watch me play as a complete newbie…lol!

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So lets go inside WorldWide Webb Land nft metaverse and have fun!

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World Wide Webb Land Nft Metaverse Explained – The Metaverse Is Already Here [I FAILED!] — I will improve my gameplay and next time I show you some cool tricks…


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