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Get up to $7,635 BONUSES with My Ultimate BITCOIN Guide

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How to Earn Money As a Blogger

If you have a personal blog then you have probably considered at one time or another that this might be something that would be hard to use as a source of income. However while most people think this, it is far from the truth. The thing is that you can easily learn how to earn money from your blog.

Starting a Blog – Choosing a Name

Starting a blog can be many different things, it can be exciting, scary, confusing, and many more but the first thing you want to do when you are starting a blog is you want to give it a name. Choosing a name is important because it is going to set the tone for your blog. So before you are ready to start writing you would first want to decide what you want to write about.

Promoting Your Blog the Simple Way

While on Twitter, your tweets should be personalized but not too personal; they must be focused on things related to your business. Do not tweet about your daily routines and musings. Be sure to tweet only about the things that will help your business or will directly promote your blog. Do not tweet things like “What a day! I have to finish my Yogurt diet!” because it sounds too personal and has nothing to do with your business whatsoever. Your tweets and your blog will lose their identity if you do something like this. Stay in your niche, and always remember that you are using Twitter and Facebook as tools for promoting your business. The relevance of your posts to your niche is important, so do not mix your personal posts with business matters. This may not only confuse your site visitors, it might annoy them as well. They want to know about your products and services; they’re not interested about your personal life.

How I Generated a Blog Traffic Increase of 273% in One Week

In this article I am going to share with you how I was able to generate a blog traffic increase of 273% in as little as one week. After I share these blog traffic increase tips with you, you’ll be able to generate similar, if not better, results with your own blog and turn your blog into a lead generating magnet.

Blogging – Start Your Own Money-Making Blog

This much is true – there is serious money in blogging. And the number of people who sets up their website and run their own little online internet marketing venture has grown considerably over the past years. Maintaining a blog doesn’t only fall within the domains of internet-savvy and expert marketers.

Starting a Blog Can’t Be Easier, But Now You Need a Strategy

Everyone can choose to start a blog and get their content published in no time. Thanks to the technology, web publishing becomes very common nowadays. The problem is, just because you start a blog doesn’t mean that it will be successful.

Old Media Ways to Improve Your Blogging

If you can learn anything from “old media”, in which I also write, it’s that many bloggers can have much too much to say for themselves. We’re interested in what you’ve got to say, but I say, ‘get on with it.’ The joy, and the trouble with writing for the web is that your space is infinitesimal. Restrain yourself.

Make Money Blogging – 3 Principles of Every Successful Blog

Starting a blog is not a set and forget kind of thing. You need to invest your time gradually to get growing results. If you are confused about what to do to move on the right track, here are a few tips that can help you.

How to Advance With Your Blog

Have you ever felt that you can’t move your blog an inch forward? If you get stuck you should find solutions to get rid of it. Leaving it as is thinking that it will go away later is a big mistake. The feeling may be to intense that you may drop the blog forever.

3 Steps to a More Powerful Blog

A blog is just another web site. That means to make it effective, you need to do more than just blogging. You also need to keep the big picture in everything that you do to optimize the process toward your goal.

Reasons Why WordPress Is Great for Anyone

WordPress is a very easy to use, popular and free Content Management System (CMS); so what is a Content Management System or CMS, it is a software system which provides website owners the ability to write, collaborate and administer their website without the need to know any programming languages. There’s no need to know any HTML or PHP, everything in WordPress or any good…

Blogging For A Career?

Be it an aged person or a qualified professional, anybody can turn out to be a full time Blogger. Any musical instrument is taken up as a hobby by an individual or it can also be used to create beautiful and melodious symphonies pleasing to the ears. Likewise, professional Blogging can be taken up as a hobby or a pass time or can be used as a source of income for an individual. Either way, Blogging turns out to be only beneficial in all aspects to all in the long run.

Determining Your Blogging Niche

Where do you start? What topic or niche do you blog about? This is an important decision, because this choice will determine how much traffic you get to your blog, and how much money you can make from your blog. The topic or niche you select is really important. Otherwise, you can select a niche, spend many hours of effort building your blog and creating great posts, and the result is that you may get very little traffic. The lack of visitors to your blog may not be that important if you are simply blogging for fun, or for the purpose of delivering a message to a particular audience such as political in nature. But if the ultimate purpose of your blog is to create some income for yourself, if you want to be profitable, then you have to know how much interest people have in that niche, and if they have money and spend it. This two factors will really determine the success of a blog: the right niche and if money is spent in the niche.

Why Churches Should Blog

Churches are everywhere in the community but there seems to be a huge disconnect. Thus, they should consider blogging to get conversations going to rebuild these relationships and make an impact.

Some Great Ideas For Blog Revenue

A lot of bloggers are currently making money from their blogs, so if you are running a blog and want to join in, what can you do? Here are a few steps ranging from the obvious to the surprising that you might want to consider.

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