How To Avoid Common Crypto NFT Art Scams On Opensea: This is Rugpull – OAYC Fake NFT Scam Exposed

If you want to know how to avoid common crypto NFT art scams on Opensea, you need to watch this Rugpull scam revealed. You will see how this OAYC or Orangutan Ape Yacht Club used their fake NFT to scam people for their money.

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The crazy part about this NFT scam is that the same team is called rugpullmafia on Twitter and this week alone they did many of these rugpulls successfully.

They keep changing their Twitter usernames, but here is link to my Twitter post where these people are revealed, so if you want to make money with NFTs and don’t want to get rugged by these scammers, please unfollow everyone of them if you already followed them and block them and report them.

Rugpull Mafia Exposed:

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Getting scammed on Opensea is pretty common thing for people who have no idea how to do proper research on project, so if you want to learn more on NFTs, make sure you subscribe…


How To Avoid Common Crypto Nft Art Scams On Opensea: This is Rugpull – OAYC Fake NFT Scam Exposed

This video will expose the NFT Rugpull Mafia, a group of scammers who need to be reported to federal institutions, just this week alone, they did like 5 rugpulls on people, stealing couple hundred thousand of dollars each!!! Also on this video you will see how these rugpulls work and you will have a better understanding on what not to do if you dont want to lose your money.

Watch replay here –

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