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$235,000 NFT Giveaway – Women Unite NFT 10K Assemble Project

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The Advantages of Setting Up a Blog

If you are curious about the advantages of setting up a blog, then I will show the reasons I now use blogs for my business. The blog of my choice is WordPress, while at times I do use Blogger.

Tell Me How To Make Money With A Blog – I Want Something That Works

A lot of people go wild, when they try to learn how to make money with a blog. Recently, somebody asked this desperate question, because he was tired of getting nowhere.

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How To Make Money With A Blog – Can I Use A Free Blogging Platform Or Should I Get A Domain?

If you’ve started to find out how to make money with a blog, you’re probably asking yourself something like this person did recently. He wanted to know, why so many people rather would invest money in a domain and a web host than going with a free blogging platform like Blogger.

The Development of Blog and Database Table Relationship

In the development of many multi-tier web applications, relationship between tables in database is one of the underlying principles. Blog is one of such applications providing its prime function of posting comments and tracking the added comments posted for each comment through the use of relationship.

How To Make Money With A Blog – Can You Do It?

Learning how to make money with a blog is no different than learning how to fly. “Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” – Douglas Adams – It’s all the failed attempts that hurt.

Making Money Blogging Using Your Article Post Title

When you want to ensure success in making money blogging you simply can’t neglect the part of free online traffic from optimization strategies. Page headings are the first content that…

A Totally New Concept to Earn That Celebrity Status

It is not probably the way we choose to promote our business to achieve excellence. The internet world gave us the rare opportunity to show the world just how committed a blogger must be in his chosen field which is the creation of blog sites. Any business will always be hard at the beginning but later on, it will eventually turn into a simple task to do.

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Blogging is today a way to grow your online business and enhance web exposure. It is a fantastic way that can help you to market your online business for free. There are today many of the free blog host that enables you to start free blog and enhance your targeted audience.

Wanted Now: Competitive Intelligence

Since the earliest days of trade, the importance of knowing your competitor has always been important to success. In the “good ol’ days” knowing your customer probably meant other businesses with a 10 mile radius of yours but today, knowing your customer might take you days, maybe weeks of intense research to figure it out.

How to Leverage Comments for Greater Success

With all of the content that you write and publish, your ultimate goal is to get your readers to interact with you. They do that by leaving comments on your content. How do you get them to do that?

Targeting Competitive Intelligence

Targeting intelligence is an important topic when it comes to influencer marketing. There are a lot of questions regarding the use of social media to market starting with who is doing it, how they’re doing it, and what are they getting from it.

Adding Content To Your Blog

If you have been thinking about creating a blog you probably have no idea where to start or even how to add content to your blog. The biggest problem new bloggers make is not knowing what to write about.

The Social Influence Strategy

It seems like a lot of companies are using social media to advance productivity and sales, but statistics show most of them do not have a strategy. This static might be a consequence of how easy it is to use social media, however if you don’t have a strategy, it is unlikely you will achieve the results you want, such as branding yourself successfully and putting out effective word of mouth advertising.

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